Friday, August 7, 2009

2 Things

Pork Neck Bones - not quite organ meat but they're within the underemployed person's budget. $1.64 and I broiled them in bbq sauce. They were quite tasty. As the saying goes: "The meat that is sweetest is closest to the bone.

And not too long ago at my beloved pub (Cronin & Phelan in Astoria) I sat next to Joe, one of the regulars. The first thing he said was. "If I pass out tonight I want one of those things, you know, where they don't try to bring you back?"
"You mean "Do not resuscitate?"
"You mean a 'DNR'?"
"Yeah, that's it, I'm giving you power...power of attorney."
Honestly, when was the last time someone who sat next to you at a bar gave you power of attorney? Luckily, Joe stayed conscious all night.

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