Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Very Own Julia Child Story

"Julie & Julia" is now open in theaters and with all its publicity you've no doubt heard about it and stories about Julia Child. Here's a story you won't hear from enyone else.

Some 20 odd (and I do mean odd) years ago I was a producer on "The Big Mattress," a morning show on the soon-to-be-extinct WBCN in Boston. One morning I had to call Julia Child (I actually had her phone number!) and set her up for a phone interview she was going to do at the end of the show. She was very pleasant and gave me the details on the charity event she was plugging so I could write questions for the show's host, Charles Laquidara, to ask her.

I gave Charles a list of questions right before the interview and he was fine with all of them except one, which had to do with microwave ovens. "That's a stupid question!"

It was a nice enough interview but it went pretty quickly so Charles had no choice but to ask the question he hated: "So Julia, what do use your microwave oven for?"

She didn't miss a beat. "Well sometimes, when the newspaper boy delivers the morning paper and it's all wet, I pop it in there."

Everyone in the studio howled. The interview ended on an up note and I began to think I might be OK at doing interviews myself.

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