Friday, August 7, 2009

Two Positive Things After Being Laid-Off

Only working part-time has its upsides. But there are very few. Here's another short post friends. One thing is I've gotten to know my neighbors better - not to mention the postman and delivery people. There's my next-door neighbor who is from Morocco and taught me this elaborate handshake that involves a a double-cheek air kiss. He insists its what men in Morocco do. Then there's Ramon, a retired gentleman who keeps dozens of plants in front of his apartment building in order to keep busy. It's a splash of green in an otherwise concrete block. And there's Sol, a retired photographer who worked in the days before digital photography. Nice people. All older than me and they wonder if I'll ever find full-time work.

Another thing is organ meat. Yep, it's cheap eatin' friends. You can get two meals out of a $1.25 package of chicken livers. I'm lucky I grew up eating the stuff or I'd never develop a taste for it. Oh and head-cheese. It's a nice cheap luncheon meat made from a pig's head. When I was in school none of the other kids would trade lunches with me but now I know how to eat inexpensively. Vegetarianism is expensive. And back in my working full-time days the vegetarians called in sick more than anyone.

But those are the only two things I can think of right now. I told you this would be short. You can go back to looking for porn now. I know I will.

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