Friday, August 7, 2009

The World Needs Another Blog Like it Needs Another Baldwin Brother

So why am I doing this? Basically because I need a place to rant or at least get something off my chest without annoying people in person.

What will this be about? Being a M.A.W.G. (Middle-Aged White Guy). It's a term in William Gibson's book "Pattern Recognition." I'll be discussing my life in general, the media, and whatever else comes to mind.

Who Am I? A fifty-something guy who's divorced, underemployed (who isn't?) and covers entertainment for a large radio network on a part-time basis.

Why should I read this? Because frankly, you've been through every single on-line porn site there is and it's time to take a break kiddo. Besides, I promise to write briefly and you'll be back to boobs in no time.

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